Road Safety

Many of us will be on the roads making short or long-distance trips with the upcoming school holidays. Over this time, Relay EMS does see a sharp increase in Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s) and calls coming into our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for an ambulance to provide emergency medical assistance at MVA scenes.

Captain Relay is preparing for his trip and shares some important safety tips to ensure a safe journey.

  • Pre-check your vehicle 2-3 days before and not the morning before your trip. Check the basics such as tyres (tread and pressure), brakes, lights and indicator lights, windscreen wipers, and oil and water levels.
  • Plan your route, allowing yourself enough time to reach your destination.
  • Do not overpack your vehicle.
  • All people in the vehicle must wear their safety belts.
  • Keep to the speed limit and maintain a safe following distance when driving.
  • Stop for a break every 2 hours or 200km on long-distance trips.
  • Keep a first aid bag in your vehicle.

Captain Relay says, “Travel safely to your destination and enjoy the journey.” ArriveAlive

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