Rescue from heights demo

Earlier this week, our brave mannequin, Jeff, was out again as Relay EMS provided one of our clients with a rescue from heights demo at their construction site.

The company contacted Relay EMS. Relay EMS dispatched an emergency response vehicle and an ambulance to the scene.

In the rescue demo, a worker fell from the scaffolding and was hanging by his scaffolding harness. With the worker unconscious and hanging vertically, with a danger of suspension trauma, the patient needed a quick rescue whilst ensuring their safety and the safety of the Relay EMS rescuer and rescue team.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we secured our rope system to a bomb-proof anchor. The elevator shaft inside the building served as the anchor point. We rigged the system using a main and a belay line.

We used a top belay with a belay device rated to handle a two-person rescue load. To descend to the patient, the rescuer made use of a brake bar rack, and when reaching the patient, the patient was attached to the belay line. The rescuer then used a mini hauling system with a mechanical advantage, allowing the rescuer to raise the patient and then attach the patient to the brake bar rack on the main line.

The patient, now attached to the main and the belay line, could have their scaffolding harness unclipped from the scaffolding. The rescuer could then descend on the rope with the patient. On the ground, the Relay EMS ambulance crew continued with medical treatment and transported the patient to the hospital.

After the rescue demo, Relay EMS showed how a patient could be rescued from a confined space using a sked stretcher. We ended with a briefing on safety, rescue, and how other emergency services, such as fire, can assist.

Fournately, Jeff did not require hospitalisation and is safely back at our base.