Neighbourhood Watch Groups

Neighbourhood Watches play a vital role in acting as the eyes and ears within their communities. Neighbourhood Watches assist SAPS and other private security companies in safeguarding their communities against crime and greatly assist with crime prevention due to their visible presence. 

The Sunridge Neighbourhood Watch is one of these groups. Founded in 2008, the Sundridge Neighbourhood Watch, which falls under Mount Road Sector Policing and with over 80 registered patrollers, provides the Sunridge area with an increased security presence and assists Fernglen and Cotswold, who are part of the same policing sector when needed. The Sunridge Neighbourhood Watch provides dedicated daily patrols to help prevent crime and to provide their community with an increased visible presence and peace of mind. 

Relay EMS is proud to be associated with the Sunridge Neighbourhood Watch, and as part of our support, Relay EMS sponsored the new vehicle decals for the patroller’s vehicles. Kobus Le Roux, Operations Manager for Relay EMS, handed over the decals to Chris Wentworth, Chairperson for Sunridge NHW. 

Founded in 2012, Relay Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is registered as an Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service. Relay EMS will provide the Sunridge Neighbourhood Watch and the community with ambulance services for all medical and trauma-related emergencies. The Sunridge Neighbourhood Watch can directly contact the Relay EMS Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) through a dedicated communications channel. The EOC will respond to the request and send an ambulance and crew to the location, providing residents and the community peace of mind. 

Relay EMS thanks all the Sunridge Neighbourhood Watch patrollers for your time and service to your community. We are honoured to play a part in what you do. #superheroes.