How does a stretcher work?

Stretcher means a four-wheeled cart designed to transport an ill or injured individual in a horizontal or recumbent position.

The stretcher facilitates the movement of patients to and from the ambulance and is a vital piece of equipment that our crews use multiple times each day. Here is some information about stretches and that not all stretchers are the same.

Firstly, safety for our crew. Back injuries among EMS staff are high. Back injuries are attributed to using the stretcher. Our stretchers are easy to use. They are two people operated and lightweight. They have easy to use release handles, offers hydraulic support and have positive action height adjustment.

Secondly, for the safety of our patients, our stretchers have safety side rails, various harnesses to safely secure you and a press down pedal to activate the wheel lock.

Thirdly, the comfort of our patients. Our stretchers have seven adjustable height positions making it easy to load patients onto and off our stretchers. Our stretchers allow us to position our patients either supine, prone, fowlers, semi-fowlers or lateral, ensuring your comfort.

Stretchers are another way Relay EMS provides you with responsive and professional Emergency Medical Services.