EMS Certificate of Compliance

EMS Certificate of Compliance

NATIONAL HEALTH ACT, 2003 (ACT NO. 61 of 2003)

Emergency Medical Service Regulations 8, 2017.

Today, more than ever, it is important for companies to be compliant with relevant policies, regulations and law.

Relay EMS is proud to say that for the second year, since the implementation of the EMS Regulations 8, we have been issued with our annual Emergency Medical Services Certificate of Compliance for our EMS operations in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Relay EMS meets the requirements set out within the regulations; these include:

  • A permanent base of operations;
  • Supervised by an EMS Manager;
  • Staff facilities;
  • Registered staff (HPCSA) comprising ALS, ILS & BLS;
  • Vehicles complying with the National Road Traffic Act;
  • 24/7 Emergency Operations Centre;
  • Medical storeroom;
  • Medical waste and laundry management system;
  • On-site vehicle wash bay facility;
  • Two staff per ambulance;
  • Vehicles stocked with the correct equipment;
  • Internal procedures and guidelines for our operations;
  • Continuous staff training and development.

Is your EMS provider compliant? You can check by the licence tokens that have to be displayed on all EMS vehicles. The licence needs to indicate the provider’s name, vehicle registration number, the vehicle type, area of operation, date issued and the expiry date.

Relay EMS continues to provide you with the RIGHT people, training, equipment and response. For all medical and trauma-related emergencies contact Relay EMS on 0861 061 061.