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Emergency Medical Services


RELAY EMS offer responsive and professional pre-hospital care and ambulance transport to various organisations, schools and the public at large. Contact Relay EMS to assist with any medical emergency such as chest pain, asthma attacks, allergic reactions or any other trauma related incidents at home or on the road. Relay EMS is a preferred service provider to most medical aids and large organisations.

Specialised Interfacility Transfer

Should you have a patient in any hospital within South Africa requiring transportation for any reason such as upgrading to a specialist/surgeon step-down facility etc. Relay EMS is able to assist as we are service providers to most Medical aids. Relay EMS has the necessary equipment to effectively complete from a basic inter-hospital transfer to an Intensive Care Unit transfer offering ventilation, continuous infusion of medication and monitoring of patients requiring continuous life support measures.

Injury on Duty (IOD)

Should you have any accidents or injuries at the work place, the employee should report the accident to the employer (their direct supervisor, manager, HR, or nurse on duty).


Should the patient require treatment and transport to their preferred medical facility (Hospital or IOD Centre), Relay EMS call centre can be contacted- our medically trained call centre operators will dispatch the appropriate level of care based on the information given to them by the caller. Should the company have a preferred medical facility where the patients should be transported to, the call centre or medics on scene will be notified.


An Employers Report of Accident (WCL2) should be completed and signed by the employer and a copy of the patients ID should be attached to it. Copies of these documents can be given to the Relay EMS medics on scene or emailed to the Relay EMS Call Centre as well as the receiving medical facility.


The patient will be transported to the preferred medical facility and handed over to a doctor or nurse on duty. A First Medical Report (WCL4) will be completed by the attending doctor and will be sent to Relay EMS as well as the Employer.


Should the patient need to be transported to a second medical facility for further treatment, Relay EMS call centre can be contacted to arrange the transfer. A Referral motivation will be completed by the referring doctor and given to the medics upon arrival.

Road Accident Fund (RAF)

Relay EMS assist in transporting of patients from any motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents to the closest or preferred hospital as well as inter-facility transfers.


In event of a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident, We require the following documents in order for us to submit the claim to the road accident fund on your behalf:

  • Accident Report from the SAPS or traffic on the scene of the accident.
  • A copy of your ID


In event of an inter-facility transfer We require the following documents to submit the claim on your behalf:

  • Accident Report from the SAPS or traffic on the scene of the accident.
  • A copy of your ID
  • A motivational Letter from the treating doctor
  • Authorization number from RAF to transport to the required facility


Relay EMS has a professional well-managed system that submits your claim on your behalf and to receive payment directly from the RAF efficiently and effectively.

Wellness Day

We offer on- site Wellness Days, let your staff discover their health status.

Wellness Day includes:
BMI (Height, weight, waist circumference), blood pressure, pulse, Cholesterol, blood glucose and HIV.
Contact for more information.

Medical Stand-by

RELAY EMS provides emergency medical staff and equipment to any type of event, big or small.



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