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Why call an ambulance directly

BY Relay EMS

In an emergency situation, time is of essence.

People go into stress mode when that emergency strikes, and they cannot remember who to phone. But, saving a life actually starts with the caller/person on the emergency scene.

So, from all the emergency numbers out there, what is the right one to call?

You need to phone a place where you will get the right help from the right people at the right time. We believe that in the Nelson Mandela Metro, that place is RELAY EMS.

When I phone, what happens?

When you phone 0861 061 061, the RELAY EMS Control Centre will ask a few questions to get the right information and details from you and to ensure that the right resources are sent to the emergency scene.

Details such as the correct address (house/complex number, street name, area, any close cross roads or main roads), the caller’s name and contact number, a contact number on scene, etc. are needed and is vitally important information.

The correct address will help the RELAY EMS team to get to the scene at the fastest time possible and we need the caller’s name and contact number to keep contact with them and have a back-up should the call be dropped or to have a contact at the scene.

The Call Centre Dispatcher also gives vital life saving instructions and communicate this to the resources while they are on their way to the scene. At RELAY EMS all the Dispatchers/Agents are also medically trained.

What about phoning 10111 or 112?

Another benefit of phoning the RELAY EMS Control Centre directly, is that it removes the “delay” from a caller calling for help and the help arriving on scene.

When you phone 10111 you can expect a delay. This is because this number is the South African Police Services’ number. They pass the call on the Government Call Centre. Only then can an ambulance be dispatched. All very time consuming!

And the cellphone emergency number 112? This is unfortunately a frustrating and a timeous experience. The 112 Call Centre is national. Once they receive the emergency call, it is also transferred to the closest Government Emergency Service which is alerted and dispatched to the emergency scene.

The problem here is that there is a “middle man“ added, and vital information and time may be lost or not handed over correctly to the correct people.

While the RELAY EMS response team is on its way to the emergency scene, our Call Centre will contact all the other necessary authorities (Fire, Traffic, SAPS, etc.)

Next step? Save 0861 061 061 on your phone and ensure you get the right response when you need it the most.

 April 25, 2017
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