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That one call that changed my life...

BY Relay EMS

A RELAY EMS paramedic recalls:

“I was dispatched to a call where a person had been driven over by a truck in Russel Road, Port Elizabeth CBD.

On my arrival I saw a person lying in the road, not responding very well, and badly injured. On examination I noted the patient had a bad head injury.

The gentleman, his wife and his son were in PE for medical treatment for his son and they wanted to show him the ocean before heading home to Cradock. They were standing on the pavement when a truck hit the father.

He was unconscious and not coping well. ALS intervention was urgently needed. I intubated him and stabilised him, before transporting him to Livingstone Hospital for further treatment.

I did not think that he would survive this incident.

At the hospital the doctors also gave him a poor prognosis.

His wife and son were at the hospital and wanted to know the whole time how their father and husband is doing. I comforted them and said that the doctors are doing all they can to save him. I told his wife that we must just lay him in the Lord’s hands and He will do what is best. It was so hard for me to keep focused and strong while looking into a little boy’s eyes hurting to see his daddy like this.

It made me think of my two children at home.

After a call like that all a person wants to do is go and hold your children and be thankful to be with them.

I followed up on the patient the whole time, and was very surprised by his improvement.

The day he was discharged I was there to greet him, and it brought a tear to my eye to see a father going back to his son and family and that he was healing well.

It is calls like this that make it worth being in EMS …we do make a difference in people’s lives.

This again shows that ALS intervention along with the basics can make a difference and save a life.”

 April 25, 2017
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