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Relay EMS gets it right

BY Relay EMS

When emergency strikes, you need access to an experienced and qualified paramedic team, geared with state of the art equipment in order to save your life.

RELAY EMS believes that patients have a right to expect being treated by the right people, with the right training and right equipment making the right response – the essence of ambulance and emergency services.

Getting it right at all times has become the RELAY EMS mantra.

“All ambulances and other response vehicles must have the right equipment to assist an emergency patient,” explains RELAY EMS Base Manager Rohan Steyn. “The Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedic is allowed to use specific medical equipment to guide them and the other paramedics to treat the emergency patient.”

This not only speeds up the process of stabilising the patient, emergency services like RELAY EMS are also able to provide immediate updates to the hospital’s casualty ward staff.

“Take our 12 lead cardio monitors as an example. This valuable equipment enables us to do a number of cardio related readings on the emergency scene and in the ambulance. When the patient arrives at the casualty ward, the medical staff has been properly prepped and they can start the next phase of the treatment,” says Rohan.

RELAY EMS also has incubators available, making it possible to move infants safely from one hospital to another.

Other must-have equipment includes oxygen cylinders and IV equipment and transport ventilators.

“The ambulance must basically have everything a low-level emergency room would have, accompanied by a paramedic team that has the extensive training needed to use the equipment,” says Rohan. “From the outset, RELAY EMS has never compromised on having the right people with the right training, using the right equipment and making the right responses. It is non-negotiable and patients should  expect nothing less of any EMS or ambulance service.”

 April 26, 2017
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