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Getting Stronger

BY Relay EMS

Both RELAY EMS (Emergency Medical Services) bases in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage are running smoothly and the team can see the value of having a wider footprint in the Nelson Mandela Metro.

"It makes sense to have our headquarters in Port Elizabeth, but having the Uitenhage base helps us to reach patients in that area so much quicker", says RELAY™ EMS's Bernhard Lüttich. "The Uitenhage base has been really busy the last couple of months, showing support from doctors and the public in Uitenhage. We intend to expand our service offering by adding an ALS Paramedic stationed in Uitenhage to ensure prompt Advanced Life Support to the doctors and patients in Uitenhage."

REALY EMS also added another response vehicle and ambulance to their fleet, as fully equipped with the state of the art equipment as all our other vehicles are.

"We've also employed another ALS Paramedic (N.Dip at Central University of Technology) and several ILS and BLS qualified EMS practitioners to strengthen our service offering to the medical fraternity and patients in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage,” says Bernhard.

 April 25, 2017
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