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From Bloem via Quatar to Port Elizabeth

BY Relay EMS

Meet Rohan Steyn, RELAY EMS’s new Operations Manager.

Rohan grew up in Bloemfontein, where he completed a National Diploma in Emergency Medical Care at the Central University of Technology

Even from a young age, Rohan had a passion for helping people. While still at school, he volunteered at St John Ambulances and completed all three levels of first aid. After his first year of studies Rohan qualified as an Intermediate Life Support Practitioner and worked part-time for Netcare 911 in Bloemfontein.

A career highlight was qualifying as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic in 2006. The class was among the first to qualify from CUT and Rohan was one of the youngest paramedic in the Free State. His first ALS position was with the Department of Health in Kroonstad. He moved back to Bloemfontein, joining ER24. Rohan started a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Medical Care at Durban University of Technology, qualifying as an Emergency Care Practitioner in 2009.

To gain international EMS experience, Rohan moved to Qatar in 2010 as a Critical Care Paramedic for a National Ambulance service.

As the new Base Manager at RELAY EMS, Rohan’s excited about the new challenge and responsibility of leading a very dynamic, professional and highly experienced team. The aim? To become the preferred emergency medical service in the Eastern Cape.

Rohan finds that the public is not sure what a paramedic really does. Emergency services, especially ambulance service in South Africa, have come a very long way from where it started. Paramedics play a vital role in the pre-hospital treatment of patients. They start the cycle of treatment for patients, stabilising them on the emergency scene and in the ambulance as it’s travelling to the hospital. It’s so much more than just a means of being transported. Their ability to administer the right treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

There are times when every paramedic wonders why they do this. But that is only until one walks into the casualty unit with a little child who swallowed a substance that could have resulted in death. A child that was just half an hour ago dying in her father’s arms, but is now in a much better clinical state following intervention and medication administered by the paramedic. Or, seeing an accident patient actually walking out of hospital, knowing what it took to save that life.

Every work comes with the bad, but being a paramedic is a calling. Rohan feels that it’s a lifestyle and part of who you are. It only takes one case where you know that you’ve made a difference in a patient’s life and all the bad seems worth it!

Outside of work, Rohan’s favourite activity is cycling and spending time with the family. He also appreciates a good action movie and from time to time, or enjoying a chick flick with his wife. Apart from cycling, Rohan loves rugby. He is a fan of the Australian cycling team Oracle Green and the British team Sky. He supports Sharks rugby, with the Cheetahs being his second favourite rugby team.

When it comes to eating out, his favourite restaurants are Margaritas in Bloemfontein for seafood and steak, or Barnacles Restaurant in Seaview, Port Elizabeth.

 April 25, 2017
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