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Celebrating the first 8760 hours of Emergency Medical Services

BY Relay EMS

RELAY EMS (Emergency Medical Services) celebrates its first year as a company this week. Richard Moodie and Bernhard Lüttich reflected on a year in business.


We are very relieved and proud of the service and the growth achieved in our first year. For a private EMS service to excel like we did in our first year is amazing. It’s never easy and will probably not get any easier, but it’s been worth the effort. We believe by continuing to follow the correct procedures and ethics, Relay EMS will grow from strength to strength and continue to save lives well into the future!


Some highlights include:


  • Being accredited as a Service Provider for ER24 in our area of operation.
  • Being accredited as a Service Provider for GEMS and Europ Assistance Clients in our area of operation.
  • Having some successful CPR resuscitations under the belt, with all the patients discharged from the hospital. A patient who suffered a cardiac arrest in the gym and was successfully resuscitated by our team is now jogging again.
  • The way that the public responded to our launches in Walmer Park and Sunridge Village Shopping Centre was very special – wonderful interaction and interest was shown.

The biggest challenge probably was to establish RELAY EMS in the Port Elizabeth market given that there are a number of private ambulance services already operating. Educating the public remains a challenge and priority – patients don’t understand what constitutes professional emergency services and what they have a right to expect. Another challenge was to work with the other services in a friendly and respectful manner. Because we are a new entrant into this market, we are seen as a threat and competition (which we completely understand), but there are so many opportunities to work together and form good relationships with the other services. Something we will continue to work on in the future.


Our focus for the next year is to maintain a high level of professionalism and always put the patient first. We also want to open new branches throughout the country. RELAY EMS wants to build mutually beneficial relationships in Port Elizabeth where all service providers will understand the value of these relationships, and most importantly that it is always in the public’s best interest.


To all the RELAY EMS paramedics, call centre and admin staff:

Thank you for all the extra hours put in and the friendly and professional manner in which you perform your daily tasks. All this effort contributes to the successful operation RELAY EMS is today. We appreciate the effort. Keep up the good work!



 April 25, 2017
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