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In emergency situations, when the unexpected happens and your life is on the line – you need to know that help and support is near.

You want them to be there.

When Mr Visagie* suffered a major heart attack at the Virgin Active Gym in Lorraine, the difference between him surviving the ordeal or dying on that gym floor came down to one factor – who was there when it happened. Lucky for him, RELAY EMS (Emergency Medical Services) was there.

The RIGHT people at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT equipment resulted in the RIGHT response.

In hindsight it is obvious that Mr Visagie was not meant to die that day. Two RELAY EMS staff members were actually in the gym doing exercise when he hit the floor and they heard someone frantically calling out “is there a doctor in the house?!” Within seconds they contacted the on call RELAY EMS team for back-up and in less than 5 minutes, an ALS paramedic and his support team attended to Mr Visagie. After they got his heart beating again, him breathing on his own and stabilised, he was strapped onto the stretcher and transported to hospital where he underwent emergency bypass surgery.

Mr Visagie wrote the following letter to the RELAY™ EMS team after he recuperated from his bypass operation:

“Dear Richard and the Paramedic team

On the 12th of December I suffered a major heart attack at the Virgin Active Gym in Lorraine. The role that your team played in me surviving the whole ordeal was immense! They also went out of their way to visit me in hospital which was beyond the call of duty.
I would like to single out the following employees – Bradley Osner, Ulrich Jansen and Mr Jacobs for their efforts on the day.
My apologies to any staff I may have left out.
It has been 6 weeks now and my recovery is going well.
Please pass this message on to your staff as to me they are all heroes!”

*Not his real name

 April 25, 2017
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