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Our emergency care personnel’s qualification covers all the compulsory levels of pre-hospital emergency care, with Advanced Life Support Paramedics offering assistance and guidance on and off the scene. We ensure that clinical quality assurance is practised to maintain the highest level of clinical excellence in our daily practices and patient care.


Relay owns a fleet of multiple Rapid Response Vehicles and Ambulances and operates a 24-hour Emergency Call Centre within Port Elizabeth. Relay EMS has the capacity to provide a broad range of emergency medical services to ensure your call for emergency assistance is handled efficiently and effectively by our emergency call centre and that you receive the best possible emergency care.


RELAY EMS is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) and holds an Advanced Life Support practice number. Each medic is also registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA)



24/7 Call Centre


Rapid Response vehicles




Off-road Recovery Vehicle

Four medical qualified call centre controllers, who not only takes your calls professionally, but also assists the caller with advice and evaluates the severity of each call.

It is important to know the three levels of qualifications for paramedics.

ALS Paramedic
(Advanced Life Support)


The ALS paramedic will be responsible to examine and the treat the patient with life-threatening injury or illness and is able to provide extensive treatment and pain management on a scene. They play an important role in the transport of patients requiring intensive care and monitoring. Relay EMS strives to provide the immediate availability of an ALS paramedic to patients requiring our services.

ILS Paramedic
(Intermediate Life Support)


ILS practitioners are trained to perform stabilisation of patients with various medical or trauma emergencies and assist the ALS in their functions. The ILS will perform their duties with the assistance of BLS practitioners and are able to provide intravenous medication and fluids to patients that require such treatment.

BLS Paramedic
(Basic Life Support)


The BLS practitioner will perform their duties along with ILS and ALS practitioners and form an important part of the team that is responsible for treating the patient. The BLS practitioner is trained to provide treatment and stabilization of patients and provide much needed assistance to the rest of the team while treating patients in need of emergency medical care.

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